Saturday, November 08, 2003

Helping Stephen Glass make amends for his bad behavior 

To be honest, your faithful correspondent hasn't much of an opinion about America's favorite cheatin', lyin', ethically dubious journalistic bastard. But she would, like others before her, urge her readers to send in their best suggestions on how the Fabulist Mr. Glass should redeem himself, however slightly, before he should ever really be allowed back in journalism (shame on you, Rolling Stone.)

My brother's suggestion is that Steve be consigned to a fate truly Worse Than Death: reporting on flower shows, exploding tomatoes, and other slices of the charming, cutesy, boring, and mundane events that occur in a small town where nothing much at all happens. Doing this, he adds, for a local cable access show or small-circulation newspaper where the editor's watching closely. Hey, it's incredibly important to fact-check that the flowers were gorgeously violet irises, not wonderfully red roses.....

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