Friday, November 14, 2003

Friday morning roundup 

Blogging will be light because, well, because. Besides, the weekend's nearly here anyway.

The city of Norwich is trying awfully hard to be deemed a City of Culture. They're throwing money at people to write stuff, for god's sake.

As the Christmas bells sound in the distance, booksellers hope it means more customers and more books sold, at least in the UK. We shall see. Meanwhile, Waterstone's has accepted the fact that Boxing Day=Shopping Day by pledging to open five times as many stores on the 26th of December.

Another Kennedy book? Yup, as a Roman Catholic Priest who gave Jackie O tennis lessons kept a diary the whole time. Add it to the sheer multitude of those already available and those upcoming thanks to the 40th anniversary or JFK's assassination.

With the 100th anniversary of George Simenon's birth upon us, the LA Times reflects on the origins of noir. (link from Mark Sarvas.)

More news on the CWA Dagger awards can be found here. And just in time is a review of Gold Dagger winner Minette Walters' latest novel, getting a rave from Jane Jakeman at the Independent.

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