Thursday, November 06, 2003

Do I really need a subject line? You all know it's the morning roundup 

Malaysia has this nasty habit of censorship in place and now they've extended it towards "tomes with 'ghostly' tales and those touching on the supernatural." Something about how they don't want the masses frightened. But Harry Potter is still OK.

Maslin kinda likes Peter Carey's MY LIFE AS A FAKE. One of the things about living in London this summer is that many of the books the NYT is reviewing now, well, I saw in bookshops there ages ago. So it all feels like old news to me.

And more in the few days late category: Oline Cogdill, certainly one of the best and well-loved mystery reviewers around, enjoyed Val McDermid's THE DISTANT ECHO very much.

Highly regarded poet and children's writer Charles Causley has died at the age of 86.

Jonathan Yardley's take on Cecil Beaton and his diaries is that he's " amusing fellow, but one quick to wear out his welcome." Elsewhere at the post, Sharon Zimmerman reviews Laura Lippman's EVERY SECRET THING and thinks that though Lippman has "an ambitious novel of ideas within her, this one, however, isn't it." To each his or her own, I suppose, but then I've long been on record as agreeing with this particular review. And a few days late, but Patrick Anderson's thriller column is up, looking at novels from two Irish expats, John Robinson and Adrian McKinty.

James Hewitt is a cad. This documentary pretty much confirms this.

Poor Giles Gordon. The famed literary agent was just reeling from his daughter's account of his son's suicide, and now he's critically ill after a fall. A speedy recovery to you. (link from Moby.)

An interesting interview with the very talkative Kathy Lette appears in the Scotsman.

What do you do when you're hooked on books? That's the question what two recent books by Sara Nelson and Nancy Pearl examine. As a complete and total bookaholic, all I can add to the fray is that if I'm without a book to read, I get cranky, grumpy, and am not always fit to be around people. Give me books, and I am a happy girl.

A lot of people have started whining that the Zagat restaurant books are wildly inaccurate. Uh, I thought the whole point of these guides is that they are all a matter of personal taste?

Mystery Ink has updated with several new reviews as well as a great interview by Yvette Banek of Jeffrey Cohen, the author of the Aaron Tucker series, most recently A FAREWELL TO LEGS.

And finally, The Complete Review has updated their Overview of Literary Blogs and yours truly gets an honorable mention. At the top of the heap are the usual suspects: Maud, Moby, Moorishgirl and Bookslut, along with the Waterboro Library Blog and one I hadn't heard of until now (shame on me), NewPages' Blog.

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