Friday, November 07, 2003

Deals. deals. deals 

David Soul, who was one of the leads on STARSKY & HUTCH (which one was he again? Yes, I could look it up, but even if I did I'd forget. It's kind of a running joke between my brother and me) and made a few movies before leaving the limelight, will write his memoirs for Transworld. The book's up for auction in the US, by which time his agents will have figured out that he played Starsky....no wait, it was Hutch! When the movie starring Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson comes out next year, the confusion will begin anew.

Happy happy joy joy, the Cult of Sherlock continues. Look, the originals were fine, Laurie King's series I can sort of tolerate because she writes extremely well but....the madness must end. Please. Except of course, it won't, as we can now look forward to the sprightly adventures of Mr. Holmes at the ripe old age of 93. And speaking of madness, it looks like there's still something to be wrung out of Tupac Shakur's life and career. Not content with remixing songs and releasing posthumous albums (aren't there more dead 2Pac albums than there were live 2Pac albums?) the machine spits out a book detailing his "letters, poems, and erotic fantasies."

I'll just let that speak for itself.

Phyllis Diller's long career was based on her being...well, Phyllis Diller. Now we'll find out why. I do think the memoir's title--FROM A LAMPSHADE TO A WHOREHOUSE--is pretty cool.

And finally, it looks like the US publishing world got over its cold feet about publishing Helen Fielding's new novel after all. OLIVIA JOULES will have a home with Viking and be published next summer, just in time to fulfill its promise as a beach read. Or something.

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