Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Daggers are announced 

The CWA Dagger Award Luncheon was held earlier today and the winners were as follows:

Minette Walters' FOX EVIL took the Gold Dagger for fiction, and Morag Joss won the Silver Dagger for her new novel HALF BROKEN THINGS. While I doubt anyone was terribly surprised that Minette won, nobody thought Joss would be any factor whatsoever to get anywhere near the top of the list. I should have known better, since I remember earlier this summer how one of the Fiction Dagger committee members went on and on about how wonderful the book was, that it was her best yet, etc etc. In any case, congratulations to both.

In a bit of surprise, but a nice one, William Landay won the Creasey for Best First Novel. Upon receiving word of the win, Landay said that he's "delighted, and grateful, flattered, and humbled" by the news. As previously stated here, I had thought CJ Sansom would take the Creasey, but since my opinion on MISSION FLATS is well recorded, I'm more than pleased for the win. No doubt it will be a harbinger of things to come for Landay awards-wise next year, as well.

Also just a bit on the surprising side is the winner of the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger is Dan Fesperman for THE SMALL BOAT OF GREAT SORROWS. But again, considering the field he was up against, including Lee Child's PERSUADER, I'm more than glad to see Fesperman get the award.

It should be noted that both Landay and Fesperman are published by Transworld and I suspect there are going to be a whole lot of happy people at the publishing house tonight. I must say that when I see a crime fiction book has been published by them, I am more inclined to peruse it and give it a try. They publish some seriously good quality folks besides the above two, including Dennis Lehane, Denise Mina, Mo Hayder, Edwin Thomas, and Simon Kernick. Although still relatively new to the crime fiction game, they are making some serious inroads. Keep up the great work!

Winning the Short Story Dagger is Jerry Sykes for "Closer to the Flame," while Stephen Booth takes home the Dagger in the Library, beating out the likes of Ann Cleeves and Chris Brookmyre. Samantha Weinberg received the high honors for the Non-Fiction Dagger for POINTING FROM THE GRAVE.

FInally, the Debut Dagger was won by Kirsty Evans for THE CUCKOO, beating out a strong shortlist. I expect we'll be seeing reviews of that book in a few years to come.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees! And more details to come when available....

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