Tuesday, November 18, 2003

BSP Announcement #2 

The new issue of Plots with Guns is up, and as usual, it kicks ass. Highlights include Jennifer Jordan's interview of Colin Bateman, Trev Maviano shooting the shit with Sean Doolittle, pics of the Crimedogs @ Bouchercon (as well as Maviano's take on his first time there), Victor Gischler's last Hardboiled Dixie column (waaah) , and 8 extremely cool short stories.

One of them, as it happens, is mine.

The genesis: I'd been working on that particular aria in my singing lesson one day, and as I walked home, I replayed the opening line, trying to work out some kinks mentally, as I often do. I heard a young man's belligerent voice utter the next sentence, and all of I sudden I had the story. I like to think of it as the ending Carmen should have had.

As it's my first piece of published fiction, I'm just a wee bit nervous about reactions. But send 'em on anyway.

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