Monday, November 24, 2003

afternoon notes 

Cinetrix has alerted me to the launch of the Crime Fiction Canada Database, which is intended as a springboard to future studies in detective,crime and mystery fiction at the site's host, Brock University. It looks good so far, and my best wishes go out to the creators, Jeannette Sloniowski and Marilyn Rose.

Late but not a dollar short: the Christian Science Monitor weighs in on the Stephen King/NBA business. (link from Bookninja.)

And based on this article about awards night, BookWatch suggests that perhaps mud wrestling would have been a more appropriate--and far more amusing--venture than simple verbal sniping. I don't know--people only tune in when it involves good looking women, preferably of the porn star variety....

The Michael Jackson scandal has an unusual benefactor: prolific biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, whose latest tome Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness is only available in the UK:

"The reason the book is not available here: the tome is an updated and rewritten version of his 1991 bestseller of the same name, and Kensington Publishing holds U.S. rights to the book--along with Taraborrelli's first biography Call Her Miss Ross: The Unauthorized Biography of Diana Ross . Although both books have been unavailable for many years, the author has not been able to wrestle the rights away from the publisher.

Ah, publisher snafus. So much fun. I don't see Kensington giving up so easily, unless they can be persuaded that the American public must obtain the latest version of the book. Which honestly, considering the wall-to-wall coverage, why would they?

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