Thursday, October 23, 2003

When Tell-alls attack  

A friend of mine IMed me last night about this but I hadn't realized it had actually been cause for frenzy at the Frankfurt Book Fair, but so it is. Justin Timberlake is shopping a tell-all about his life, his philosophy, and most importantly, his relationship with Britney Spears. (link from Bookslut.)

Seven figures? For what basically amounts to a kiddie relationship? I mean, unless there's kinky stuff* or lots of mud-slinging, who cares. And even then. Justin is 22 years old. I have been around 22 year old boys, and they are just that. Boys. For the most part, still in dire need of development.

*Not high on the kinky scale but still funny: back when Groupie Central was still around (god, I miss that place), they used to report on groupie encounters with various celebs, as they were wont to do. For some reason, this being 1999/2000, the boybands du jour were the #1 most talked about on the site, and Justin rated pretty high. As quaint as it seems now, there was still much debate as to whether he and Brit had actually done the deed. Anyway, a girl wrote in to say that after a gig, she'd "spent some time" with Justin (infer what you like) and asked him the very question.

His response: "Well, her mouth ain't."

Something tells me that if the book deal comes through, those kinds of responses will be par for the course.

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