Thursday, October 23, 2003

What "real writers" do 

TMFTML (or as Elizabeth calls him, "Jack") links to yet another vapid Tina Brown piece . Like him, I goggled at the quoted comment that "Real writers are usually sitting in a chaotic farmhouse somewhere with a five-day growth of beard and a stained T-shirt in an onanistic trance at their computers, or else trying to kill themselves like Sylvia Plath. They don't like to be disturbed."

Funny, I just spent several days in the company of a great many writers. None of them were sitting in chaotic farmhouses, although I do know of a few that shut themselves up in cabins or writer's colonies to get some work done. None wore stained t-shirts, but to be fair, there were nights I didn't stay in the bar long enough to see some of the shenanigans going on. And there were no suicides. Writers, at least those who write crime fiction, tend to be a fairly even-keeled bunch, because they are getting all their insanity down on paper.

Although almost all of the "real writers" I know like to drink, some in excess, some not so much. But spend several months in front of a computer and then meet up with peers and fans, and there's only one way to celebrate....

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