Friday, October 24, 2003

This morning's news 

Canongate was once in receivership. But after the success of last year's Booker winning THE LIFE OF PI and the expected success of VERNON GOD LITTLE, things look a whole lot rosier.

In the UK, various magazine have dropped their short fiction sections. Not surprisingly, this is cause for morning, and it's just the latest in a sad trend which has led to the creation of the Save Our Short Story campaign.

Hodder Headline, the UK publishing juggernaut, won't be expanding into the US market just yet as they are waiting for Kate Swann to take over as CEO for parent company WH Smith.

Last week's links from the Daily Telegraph: Susanna Yager's crime fiction roundup, Antonia Fraser's opinion that Patricia Cornwell is becoming rather like Patricia Highsmith, and another good review for Michael Collins' LOST SOULS.

Just because the Cubs didn't make the World Series doesn't mean people don't want to read about them. PW reports on an upcoming coffee table book due out later this year. And more from PW as they look at the staggering success of 19 year old Christopher Paolini's ERAGON.

More reviews: January's take on Neal Stephenson's mammoth new novel, and another NYT review of Shirley Hazzard's new book.

Over at the Independent, John Fowles' diaries are far less warmly received than his books. They rather like Ann-Marie MacDonald's latest, but wonder if Gerry Adams is lying about his account of the Troubles.

Then the Washington Post weighs in on Nell Freudenberger's collection. Since I'm just as late on some bandwagons, I only started reading this book yesterday. One story so far and it's not bad, but it almost feels like the voice is not a naturally American one, that it's, weird as it is to say this, of somebody writing translated English. I'll read the rest, but I suspect she'll be struggling with her first novel for a while yet.

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