Saturday, October 04, 2003

Stasio's roundup 

Like clockwork (every couple of weeks, anyway), Marilyn Stasio's back with her latest roundup of crime fiction reviews.

Summary: mixed review on Robert Parker's latest book (Jesse Stone, not Spenser.) Rave for Mission Flats, although less enthusiastic than my own. Negative for Reginald Hill and for Anne Perry's new WWI book, and lastly, a good review for Robert Heilbrun's debut legal thriller.

So in short, if you're new, she likes you this week, if you're not, better luck next time....

Stasio has always intrigued me, because so many people pay attention to her reviews, and yet most of the time figuring out her stance on a book is akin to pulling an abcessed tooth out of a bloody gum. At the very least, the word that springs to mind is "coy". Occasionally she'll let rip though, and because it's so rare it's all the more shocking (I bet he's still recovering from the blow.)

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