Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Robert Crais lawsuit 

As taken from his latest email missive:

"A video game titled TRUE CRIME: STREETS OF LA was recently brought
to my attention. The creators of this game have admitted it was
patterned after my Elvis Cole/Joe Pike novels. Those of you long
familiar with my work know that I guard Elvis and Joe closely. You
know that I have turned down well over thirty offers to sell the
film and television rights to these characters and books. They are
not for sale. They may not be used without my permission.

To quote a character from THE MONKEY'S RAINCOAT, where it all began:
"He accepts the duty of protecting what is his."

To that end, I have engaged Bruce Van Dalsem and Henry Gradstein of
Gradstein, Luskin & Van Dalsem to help in the effort. Requests from
journalists are forwarded to them. Legally, I can make no comment
upon the case so long as we have a pending action. I look forward to
sharing my views with the jury."

I've been a regular at Crais's forum for several years now, and recall that someone had posted news about this. I didn't think much of it but obviously, it's quite a big deal, so much that when news broke a few days ago the forum had to be shut down due to a sea of vitriolic messages. Crais has worked so hard to keep Elvis and Joe off film and TV that it seems rather strange that it would be a video game that breaks this embargo. We'll have to see how this is resolved.

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