Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The rest of the Daggers 

It's going to be a light posting day but believe me, I will have more comments on the full Dagger list later. For now, I comment on the Gold Dagger (Best novel) and the Creasey (best First Novel)

Boris Akunin - The Winter Queen - Weidenfeld & Nicholson
Morag Joss - Half Broken Things - Hodder & Stoughton
Robert Littell - The Company - Macmillan
Carlo Lucarelli - Almost Blue - Harvill
Minette Walters - Fox Evil - Macmillan
Robert Wilson - The Blind Man Of Seville - HarperCollins

--This is NOT the list I would have picked, but I also happen to know the overall tastes of the committee which is, shall I say, rather old-fashioned. I liked the lotAkunin book quite a lot, as well as the Lucarelli, which I read right before I left London. And all the rest have gotten great reviews so....why am I underwhelmed? Maybe it's just because I woke up.

Now the Creasey, this gets me upset:

Rod Duncan - Backlash - Pocketbooks
William Landay - Mission Flats - Bantam
CJ Sansom - Dissolution - Macmillan

How the HELL were only three books picked?! And of that, one of them is US only. Now don't get me wrong, I think MISSION FLATS should be on every debut awards list. DISSOLUTION came highly recommended to me (I promise I will get to it after a false start) and the Rod Duncan has been getting good reviews but....but....what about Chris Simms' OUTSIDE THE WHITE LINES? Edward Wright's CLEA'S MOON? Babs Horton's A JARFUL OF ANGELS? Granted, a lot of the excellent debut novels I have read a) are US only b) are not actually released in the UK but come on, it couldn't have been that hard to come up with a fuller shortlist.

(Thanks to Mike Stotter for tipping me to the full list. He thinks Wilson will win the Gold Dagger and Walters will get the silver.....)

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