Tuesday, October 07, 2003

On a serious note 

Most of the time this blog is of a highly frivolous nature, but then I get pissed off. Way back when, I wrote about cases that haunt me. What I neglected to mention was that I read about Etan Patz's disappearance as a child, and I've never forgotten. All those years ago, though, I harbored some belief that perhaps he was still alive. That changed emphatically when his parents had him declared legally dead in 2000, believing him to be a victim of imprisoned child molester Jose Ramos (who was the boyfriend of Etan's babysitter at the time).

Ramos, like many other predators, has concocted story after story to explain how he could have come in contact with Patz yet not killed him. Now he has a new story, which makes even less sense. Isn't it time to just admit what happened and let Etan's parents have some measure of finality (the word closure makes me gag) already? Not that I'm optimistic. Granted, Ramos has never been charged in the disappearance, and if he were to confess his guilt all of a sudden, he'd likely lose whatever trump card he has, ie. any chance of getting out of prison.

But when it comes to missing children, Etan's only the tip of the iceberg. Which is why I have this included amongst my links.

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