Friday, October 24, 2003

Nuggets from the Daily News 

Rush and Molloy are on good form today:

-Robert MacNamara (Secretary of Defense during the LBJ years) and Investment guru Warren Buffett both rumored to have been involved with Washington Post doyenne Katharine Graham

-Ben Affleck's new movie killed by Disney, and everyone hopes he and J.Lo would just go away already (the US Weekly headline made me puke. They are so not eloping, and nobody cares if they are.)

-P. Diddy to run the New York Marathon, and will look sufficiently groomed as he does it

-an unnamed rock singer shopped with David Gest in the '70s for gay paraphernalia. Duh. Although I liked Raoul Felder's non-denial anyway: "I have no indication that [David] is gay." He added, "Is the suggestion that, if he went to an adult bookstore, that gives her the right to to beat him up? I don't get the connection."

-Chloe Sevigny still can't shut the hell up

-Candace Bushnell is the new spokeswoman for Seasonale, some birth control pill

Meanwhile, looks like Bruce Springsteen may well bail out The Bottom Line.

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