Thursday, October 23, 2003

News, reviews, interviews and more 

PW offers a short report on this past Bouchercon. Awards are listed here, as is a streaming video of the Shamus Awards which were presented on the 17th of October.

Clare Morrall may not have won the Booker but she's reaped many benefits, including a US deal with HarperCollins and a Canadian deal with McLelland & Stewart.

RIP Book Magazine, which ceases publication with the November/ December issue.

Michiko comments on the growing trend of celebrities writing children's books. She's a little cranky about this.

The Goncourt Prize in France was evidently announced two weeks early, raising some eyebrows. Seems there's a lot of jockeying between various literary awards in that country and the Goncourt judges wanted to get theirs out first. Ah, intrigue....

Steven Zeitchik wonders about Michael Moore's huge popularity in Germany. (link from Mobylives.)

Robert Birnbaum's latest fascinating interview is with Arthur Kempton, the author of Boogaloo, a new book on American popular music

And in totally frivolous news, Carrot Top showed up at a gay bar but his publicist denies he's anything but hetero. And I'm the Mata Hari.

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