Thursday, October 30, 2003

News, interviews, etc.  

Barbara J. Stewart, author of The Sleeping Boy is interviewed at January Magazine. She talks about her career as a filmmaker, her diversion into horticulture, how she found "Canada's top agent", why the book is more than just a thriller, and what she's working on next. Stewart seems like a very complex, fascinating individual and it certainly came through in the The Sleeping Boy. She shows a lot of promise, although I found it suffered from "first novel blues," in that another round of editing, tightening the prose and really getting rid of a lot of passive voice would have made this a better book.

So everyone has been linking to the new trend in chick lit. That's cool, but will it branch out to other religions as well? There's some of this in Britain, where authors like Meera Syal tackle the culture clash of being traditionally Indian in a Western environment, but really, chick lit--romance too--tend to be areligious. I, for one, would love to see more overtly Jewish issues in chick lit. I suspect it's a ten foot pole few would want to touch.

George Easter, the editor of Deadly Pleasures, offers his Bouchercon report.

Ms. Maslin looks at some weighty tomes on The Boss and Eminem. Verdict: likes them with reservations.

Virginia Lanier has died, after many years of battling illness and tragedy. She was the author most recently of A BLOODHOUND TO DIE FOR. She was 72 (link from Jiro Kimura.)

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