Friday, October 31, 2003

New York Times Bestseller List, November 9 

Well well well, Patsy couldn't hold her position after all. BLOW FLY drops to #3 this week, and Mitch reclaims the top spot. Inspirational claptrap or Kay "My Perils Kick Pauline's Ass" Scarpetta? In the end, it wasn't even close....

Sandwiched in between them is Dan Brown, who made the news this week because Elizabeth Vargas is actually spending ABC's money to see if Mary Magdalen, rather than being Jesus's top groupie, was actually his wife--a theory espoused in THE DA VINCI CODE. For the true answer, I direct you to this impeccable source.

Debuts this week: The latest installment of Jan Karon's Neverending saga comes in at #4, While the newest in the Apocalyptic Factory books hits the list at #7. These books are so ripe for parody it is not even funny. I mean, look at this blurb: "A fearless archaeologist and biblical scholar confronts the greatest evil of all." Wasn't that a Whitney Houston song...?

Wait, I have it! Apocalyptic Chick Lit! Meet Sandy, a twentysomething who hasn't had that much to worry about in her life beyond broken nails and a crummy love life. But the Rapture approacheth and only a few souls are left....will Sandy discover her true self before such a self doesn't exist? Will the "Last Man on Earth" turn out to be a complete dog, or maybe, just maybe, that hot guy at work she's had her eye on for months? And more importantly, what if she's just not ready for the World to End As She Knows It (and no she doesn't feel fine, thank you very much)?

Er, back to the NYT list....

I'm not sure if Sara Paretsky's latest V.I. Warshawski book only made it into the main list for the first time, but cool anyway. It's tied at #14. Also jumping onto the main list is the sleeper hit THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE. It's supposed to be uplifting and well written and just got optioned for a movie. To me, it seems like one concocted excuse. A woman's married to a guy who keeps jumping time periods or another. If any guy tried that line on me, I'd have to wonder if he was making it with other women......

Looking at the extended, we have Lilian Jackson Braun's latest book. It's not an actual "Cat Who" book but some offshoot looking at their private life. Yikes. What's next, The Sex Scandals of The Cat Who? OTOH, something similar was explored in Robert Kaplow's recent parody THE CAT WHO KILLED LILIAN JACKSON BRAUN. Which was absolutely hysterical for the first half, and then fizzled out. And did feature some really icky sex, which was quite off putting (though none, thankfully, involved the aforementioned Ms. Braun. She was dead after all.)

So what's in store for next week? Will the love child of Cornwell/Albom/Brown shoot to #1? Will Tim LaHaye be denied, even if he did change writing partners? Will a book that's actually good make it to the top? Stay tuned for all the excitement, glamour, and intrigue that is the NYT List!

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