Friday, October 10, 2003

New York Times Bestseller List, October 19 

It actually went up yesterday, but what the hell, it's still early.

Mitch Albom retains the #1 spot. Obviously the reading public doesn't care if the Freep review was killed, that the editor justified this without really doing so, and that has only poured gasoline on a gaping wound.

Highest debut is David Baldacci's new book SPLIT SECOND, arriving at #2. See, this is a book he actually wrote himself, unlike this one. And although Otto Penzler is now 2.8 million dollars richer, I'm kind of sorry the anthology series won't continue.

Then it's Grisham, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks. Next.

And that next newbie is Richard Paul Evans at #6, It's about a newly successful author who experiences an awakening or something like that. Which is that his promotional budget is nil, his publisher hates him, and the contract's going to be dropped after the second book. So what else is new?

Diana Gabaldon's latest book is also a new entry at #9. A lot of fans were really pissed that it's not a continuation of the Jamie & Claire extravaganza, but come on, this series is getting to be as unwieldy and ridiculous as Robert Jordan's. And LORD JOHN AND THE PRIVATE MATTER is way shorter.

A couple more mystery debuts: Robert Parker's new Jesse Stone is at number 11, followed immediately by Fredrick Forsyth's (you know, that DAY OF THE JACKAL guy) latest. Forsyth hasn't written a book in a while, however Parker should have another Spenser novel out in about a nanosecond.

Sara Paretsky starts at #14 with her latest V.I. Warshawski novel. I've been told it's good but my Paretsky-reading days seem firmly attached to my adolescence, and frankly I'm not much of a fan for revisiting my high school days. Meanwhile, James Lee Burke still hangs in the main list at #15, and rounding things out is Steve Martin's ode to OCD, THE PLEASURE OF MY COMPANY.

Looking at the extended, I think the new David Guterson book is a debut entry at #21. Other than that I don't have too much to say except that isn't it time to retire the DUNE ghost already?

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