Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Mystery Roundup 

David Williams, author of the Inspector Merlin Parry Novels (most recent entry is 2003's PRACTICE TO DECEIVE, died on 26 September in Virginia Water, Surrey. He was 77. (obit summarized from Jiro Kimura's THE GUMSHOE SITE .)

Jiro also alerts us to the latest "At Home Online" interview. This time Qiu Xialong is interviewed by Cara Black. The setup here is quite neat, as a mystery author is interviewed by a fellow author, who is then interviewed by another author and so on and so forth, creating a daisy-chain of sorts. Other interviewees included SJ Rozan, Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, and ) She Who Has Been Named Too Much (because I link to her so damned often lately.)

Last month, the Annual St. Hilda's Mystery Conference was held at Oxford. I didn't go--I can't go to everything crime fiction-related, though I come pretty damned close--but I was told a good time was had by all. The theme was The Golden Age, and the final topic of discussion was given by Stephen Booth, who has, due to very popular demand, kindly put up the text of the lecture here. I think you'll see why people loved it after you read it.

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