Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The morning's news 

Gordon Williams was nominated for the Booker and a thriller he wrote became the basis for Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs. Then he disappeared. DJ Taylor finds out what happened.

Jessa links to the chick lit article I posted yesterday. Although I agree that there's still a stigma about buying the books, it's nowhere near as bad as for those who want to buy actual romance novels. Though I stopped reading those some years back because I like stories that have a plot and move.

Hit this link to see the winners of the Barry, Anthony, Macavity and Shamus Awards that were handed out over the course of Bouchercon. There were a lot of repeats, as Michael Connelly won for Best Novel twice (Barry, Anthony), Julia Spencer-Fleming won for First Novel three times (Anthohy, Barry, Macavity) and SJ Rozan took the Macavity for Best Novel along with the Edgars awarded earlier this year. I'm especially happy that Eddie Muller won the First Novel Shamus and Daniel Judson won for Paperback Original. These guys deserve to be writing novels for years to come.

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