Thursday, October 02, 2003

Look, what an adorable test pattern 

Phew. Putting in all those links took some work. And I know it looks screwy in IE, but I'm too bloody tired to change anything right now.

Gawker's GroveWatch continues, and by Choire's reckoning, Lloyd had a pretty good day. IMO he could have done more with the whole Halle Berry/Eric Benet bustup, but then, I kind of feel for poor Halle. Here's this unbelievably gorgeous woman, and she keeps picking losers: wife-beaters, eardrum shatterers, sex-addicts, and in a category all by himself, Fred Durst.

Laura Lippman has updated her site. Go buy EVERY SECRET THING at one of the stores I link in my toolbar. Because all the cool kids have read it already.

Recent crap I've written...reviewed this and this (scroll down a bit). And now that I bring it up, talk about one absolutely kickass issue this month. Holy shit, what good stories and talent.

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