Monday, October 20, 2003

Loathing Las Vegas 

Bouchercon is now a fading memory. More comments tomorrow, perhaps, when I'm less jet lagged and cranky and sulking about enduring the insanely long lines for clearing customs. One would think that with a new airport and more flights added that the people in charge could hire more people to man the booths. Or that those supervisors laughing to each other about the crowds would have been better served to speed things up.

Overriding thoughts on the last few days:

1. I wish I could hang out with my friends more. The others know who they are.

2. I found out just how much certain people would go to the wall for me and vice versa. Some were expected, others a nice surprise.

3. Ian Rankin wears the coolest shirts ever.

4. Ken Bruen only decided to show up the day before things got started, and became one of the big hits of the convention.

5. Nobody does standing in the corner misanthropy as well as these guys. Which is why I love them.

6. The hotel was a horror show, but then, so is the entire town. Slot machines in the airport? Talk about WYSIWYG.....

7. The Susan Lucci of the crime world is no longer that. Karma does win out.

8. It's really not a good idea to insult the membership on the first night of the convention. Better to wait till it's over.

9. The size of the dealer room would likely be rented for about $3000 a month in Manhattan. Which fact is sadder is still up for debate.

10. No matter what, it'll always be better next year. Something we'll all say after that Bouchercon ends, and so on and so forth.

And finally, if you didn't pick up a copy of this, this and this, you missed out on the most buzzed about books this past week.

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