Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The Latest from Lunch 

The weekly deal list has just gone out and reflects some of the latest happenings from Frankfurt and more. Some pickings, vaguely related to crime fiction:

"Jeff Shelby's CAUGHT IN THE CURRENT, about a San Diego based Surfer & Private Investigator hired by the cold and disapproving mother of his high school girlfriend, Kate, now that Kate has gone missing and her mother fears the worst. , to Brian Tart at Dutton, in a nice deal, by Victoria Sanders (world).

Shelby has a previously self-published novel, DEAD WEEK.

"Journalist Tom Neale's thriller STEEL RAIN, about an FBI agent searchiing in London for the man who killed his daughter, to Martin Fletcher at Headline, by Miller at Rogers Coleridge & White."

Hmm, seems like a good bet to get a US deal, but one can never predict these things accurately.

"Clinical psychologist Dr Frank Tallis's MORTAL MISCHIEF, the first title in the Liebermann Papers series, about a Holmes and Watson-like pair in turn-of-the-century Vienna, to Susan Sandon at Arrow, in a three-book deal,
by Clare Alexander at Gillon Aitken."

Tallis is the author of two non-fiction books about anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. This book sounds quite intriguing, but I have a strange fascination with Austro-Hungarian era Vienna because it was just so different than anything like it before or after.

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