Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The Latest from Lunch 

Unlike Old Hag, I'm not going to break down the deals that interest me into like and dislike, just add a comment where necessary.

"Adam Fawer's IMPROBABLE, a "thinking man's thriller" based on probability theory and quantum physics, about a brilliant mathematician suffering from epileptic seizures who gains the ability to "see" into the future by gauging the consequences of his actions and the probability of various outcomes, called "A Beautiful Mind meets Michael Crichton," to Mauro diPreta at William Morrow, in a good deal, in pre-empt, by Ann Rittenberg (world English).

This could be amazing or total crap, although my instinct leans more towards the former. What's interesting is that Fawer has the same agent as Dennis Lehane and now they have the same publisher as well.

Robert Heilbrun's next two Arch Gold legal thrillers, to Carolyn Marino at Morrow, for six figures, by Amy Rennert (world).

The first book, just out this month, has received much buzz, so good to see that rewarded.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and novelist William Dietrich's ATTILA: THE SCOURGE OF GOD, a historical novel based on Attila the Hun's furious assault on the West and his final battle at Chalons, focused on the tale of a young Roman who journeys across ancient Europe and plays an instrumental role in thwarting the Hun warlord, to Mike Shohl at Morrow/Avon, in a good deal, by Andrew Stuart at The Stuart Agency (world).

So this would be the Thrilla of Attila? Sorry, couldn't resist that one.....

Former Orion and Heinemann fiction editor Kirsty Fowkes writing as Kirsty Crawford's OTHER WOMEN, the story of three women whose lives become entangled when they find themselves occupying the same property, to Jane Wood at Orion, in a good deal, for two books (world).

A former Orion editor sells to one of the senior editors at the same house. Interesting, although at least at the crime end of the publishing company, Jane has very good taste.

Thomas F.Monteleone's BENEDICTION, a global thriller about a Vatican plot to clone Jesus Christ from DNA obtained from a religious relic, to David Hinchberger at Overlook Connection Press, in a very nice deal (US).

I blame Dan Brown for this.

R.H.Weber's HOMELAND, a political thriller, literary novel, and indictment of the current US administration, set in 2008 where we meet one man on his way to his own death, and two who are held against their will: one at JFK airport and the other in Guantánamo, Cuba, and LAST ISLAND, in which a
woman becomes ensnared by an old-money Boston family and observes, from the vantage point of another class, the disintegration of her good friend's life and the fall of her friend's intensely egocentric family, for publication in spring 2005, to Stacy Hague at Other Press (world).

The first book seems to have too much going on, but I guess we'll see how it actually turns out.

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