Friday, October 24, 2003

It's all about the Pollacks 

Looks like we should expect Neal Pollack to grace the presence of the Daily Show on Thursday, not today as was evidently scheduled. (news thanks to Bookslut.) I finally snagged a copy of his new novel, NEVER MIND THE POLLACKS, and frankly, I loved it. Satirical, totally over-the-top, and very, very funny. It skewers rock criticism and inserts the older, cartoonish version of Neal in all sorts of ridiculous situations, as he is renamed by Elvis at his Bar Mitzvah, shags Joan Baez and Patti Smith, and has an unhealthy obsession with an obscure bluesman. Lots and lots of song lyrics too. My favorite is the Sex Pistols' rendition of the title track. The only quibble is that it's basically a one-joke book, and it would be cool to see Mr. Pollack tone down his abrasiveness yet keep his voice in a book that has less bravado and more ambition. But I expect that shall happen in due course. In the meantime, read this book and have a few laughs and a great time.

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