Monday, October 27, 2003

It depends how you define normal 

In answer to TMFTML's rather bald question about the round of publicity Elizabeth and her family are going through now, all I have to say is: wait till she turns 18 and gets to tell her own story. Although in her way, she's already started:

"I think there's some things different about me, but I think I'm still pretty much the same person."

Talk about understatement.

But then, I've long been pissed off with this whole case, because the way it's been presented since almost day one has been absolute bullshit. The points are said much better here (scroll down to "The Smart Circus"). Was she in over her head? Absolutely. Was it a creepy, abnormal situation? Well she was 14 at the time and Mitchell was in his 40s. That's inappropriate, to say the least. But the only thing that makes the Smart case different from that of Shevaun Pennington, Lindsay Drake or any other girl who ran off with a much older man after meeting them is how elaborate the setup was, and that perhaps the Internet wasn't involved.

Right now, Elizabeth's parents are controlling the spin and doing it rather well, because the media's complicit. They don't really want to report on how Elizabeth basically lived with Mitchell & Barzee as another wife, how she was sexually active, and that things aren't really so cut and dry as a kidnapping would suggest. And the full story may never come out. But I doubt highly the world has heard the last of Elizabeth Smart by a longshot.

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