Monday, October 06, 2003

Further Dagger news, and more 

The Dagger in the Library shortlist is up. The winner, picked by UK librarians, is deemed the author who "gives the most pleasure to readers." When I was at the Harrogate Crime Festival earlier this summer, one of the big initiatives there was to get more Yorkshire residents--and the UK in general--to read more. So it's cool to see awards like this. Congrats to Stephen Booth, Chris Brookmyre, Ann Cleeves (who was the key organizer of the Harrogate library initiative, I might add), Julie Parsons, and Mike Ripley for making the list.

And voting for the Barry Awards have closed tonight. George Easter reported that as of yesterday, the race in all four categories was incredibly tight. It will be very interesting to see who wins, but all I know is that if a certain someone loses for the fourth straight year, things may get very, very amusing.

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