Monday, October 27, 2003

Bouchercon Rogues' Gallery 

Jiro Kimura, the crime fiction world's version of a paparazzo, was snapping away throughout the convention. It was really cool to finally meet him, as it turns out this was the first BCon he'd attended in over 20 years. Also, I know I have finally arrived as my own mug shot is alongside some of the best and greatest.

Scanning through the images, I came across this one of Michael Koryta, the 21 year old winner of the St. Martin's/PWA PI novel contest, which means his book will be out next year. God, they make these writers younger and younger....congratulations to Mr. Koryta, who has studied journalism at Indiana University and is a staff writer for the Hoosier Times there, most notably covering the Jill Behrman case.

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