Friday, October 10, 2003

Booksense 76 Fall Mystery Picks 

They've just been posted. (Link from Publisher's Lunch.)

I'm very glad to see that David Bowker's selling really well in the independent shops. I read the UK edition (the title over there is RAWHEAD) earlier this summer and I loved it. Not only does it send up publishing, the writing process, and has a huge dose of black comedy, it's quite, quite twisted. The things friends will do for each other while quoting from M.R. James and Sheridan LeFanu.

Dan Fesperman, who I seem to talk about here as much as I do about her (What is it about Baltimore journalist types?) is also on the list, and deservedly so. Do I need to say again how wonderful this book is? How if you're not reading it, you are seriously missing out? I thought not.

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