Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Back to our regularly scheduled frivolity 

I have to read this book: unfortunately, since I can't access the article about it in today's Times, I have to rely on the blurb as given over at Booktrade.info, where I stole the information from:

"More than 50 top writers are to reveal the most humiliating moments of their careers in a new book, Mortification which is published next month.
Writers such as Margaret Atwood, Edna O'Brien, Louis de Bernières, Andrew Motion, Margaret Drabble and Irvine Welsh are all risking ridicule by admitting their private shame.

Their excruciating stories range from finding themselves at public engagements with an audience of one to being caught in compromising circumstances with pictures of the singer Kylie Minogue.

It's a good bet few, if any, crime writers are included, but I could think of a few stories I've heard that would have merited inclusion.....

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