Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The afternoon roundup 

Publishers Weekly has a long article about the state of Chick Lit in the US. Although the backlash has already begat a backlash, there are still many new titles being published in a variety of subgenres--my favorite is "bridezilla lit."

Ayelet Waldman wears many hats. She's the wife of Michael Chabon, part of the McSweeney's posse, author of the Mommy Track mysteries, and has just stepped into the literary fiction fray. Her new novel Daughter's Keeper is reviewed at January Magazine.

Interesting publishing anecdotes: Grant Stewart spotted VERNON GOD LITTLE in the slush pile. Although a struggling writer and battling chronic fatigue syndrome, he didn't keep quiet. The rest, of course, is history. Meanwhile, David Little is an unpublished writer who can't get his books out there to save his life--even though his brother is J.K. Rowling's agent. Then there's Giles Gordon, a top literary agent of authors such as Vikram Seth and Peter Ackroyd. His daughter has just written a book about the suicide of Gordon's son, and though he wishes the book well, he's not so happy about it.

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